NYC: Flat Top

A few weeks ago I found myself strolling around Upper Manhattan on a sunny June afternoon. The air was warm, but comfortable, and the clouds were so white and fluffy they looked photoshopped (see below). I only had a few hours to spare in the city before my flight home, but I couldn’t possibly leave New York without seeing the campus that I will be able to call home in a few short months. For my readers who don’t know, I’ll be starting a MA program in European Studies at Columbia University this fall. I hadn’t been to New York City in a solid decade, and I’d never seen Columbia in person, so I was mainly there for a quick jaunt around the campus.

It wouldn’t be NYC without a yellow taxi.

Luckily, I had just enough time for lunch, which means I officially had blogging material for my first article about NYC. Since I was in Morningside Heights, I headed over to the Flat Top, which is a few blocks from the campus. The rustic corner cafe is located on a relatively quiet street, and the eggshell blue exterior is hard to miss. Like most restaurants in the city, seating is limited, but al fresco dining is highly encouraged and inside there’s a cozy, well-stocked bar. Inside the place was buzzing, with groups of happy New Yorkers gathered around each table conversing animatedly.

The wine selection looked particularly impressive.

I arrived at the end of the lunch rush, and was able to score a table with almost no wait time. The seasonal menu featured fresh food with high quality ingredients, all priced fairly reasonably. After watching the woman at the table next to devour her vegetable curry, I ordered the same with only a cursory glance at the menu. An array of colorful veggies tastefully complimented the savory curry sauce, and I ate as much as I could of the hearty helping. My brother ordered the signature Flat Top Burger, which he quickly polished off, and my mom enjoyed every bite of her avocado BLT.

All three dishes are highly recommended!

I’m not usually one to have dessert after lunch, but it was my final day of vacation and my last meal with my brother for a few months, so naturally we indulged. Everything on the dessert menu was tempting, but it was warm outside and I was in the mood for something cold. I chose the sorbet duo and it did not disappoint. The mango sorbet was incredible. I have dreams about that sorbet. It tasted like a freshly plucked mango. The pear sorbet paled in comparison, but it was still refreshing. I snuck bites of the flourless chocolate cake and the lemon tart, and both were delicious.


If you ask me, dessert with lunch is always allowed on vacation.

The food, the ambiance, and the service at the Flat Top were all exceptional, and made me all the more excited to move to New York and to really start exploring the city.


Tiff Dawg

Flat Top 1241 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027

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