Hello and welcome to Tiff Dawg Travels

I’m a university student doing the typical semester in Europe but instead of being smart and starting a blog at the beginning of this experience, I decided to wait until there are only 5 weeks until I head home. While I’ve kept a detailed journal for myself since saying goodbye to my family at the airport, I never expected to feel the need to share anything publicly. I didn’t think I would have anything worth writing a blog about for others to read. In the past few months I’ve collected more stories, thoughts, observations, lessons, and information than I know what to do with. I need a place to empty my head of all my musings related to travel and living abroad and maybe someone will find what I have to say useful.

And so today Tiff Dawg Travels is born.


Tiff Dawg



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  1. I can’t wait to read more! Your thoughts always inspire me!


  2. I’m in awe! Keep posting ☺️😀


  3. I am famished for your next post. Loving every picture you are creating with your writing. Love always Grams


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